The old settlement of Arbanassi is situated on a high plateau with a view to the hills of Tzarevetz and Trapezitza, four kilometers from Veliko Turnovo. It's distinguished for its impressive houses and churches with rich interior decoration, wood-carving, and mural paintings created in XVI - XVII century.


In the surroundings of Veliko Tarnovo you can enjoy splendid views and touch the glorious Bulgarian past. Unique monuments and architectural sights are easily accessible to every tourist.


Enjoy these beautiful views from Veliko Tarnovo and its surroundings!


Gurko street Those of the tourists, who enjoy the beautiful sights, often can be seen taking a walk along the cobbled Gurko Street, with cameras in hands. The houses in it, built during the 18th and the 19th centuries, raise amphiteathrically one above the other, reflected picturesquely in the river below. The street also offers an unequalled view towards the Monument of the Assens, the Veliko Ta...